We love memes. We also think that finding people who like the same type of memes as you do is hard. We want to fix that. We threw together a good UX and some AI magic to bring you Meme Space, a new way to meet friends through memes.

What it does

  • Compare five randomly selected pair of memes so our AI can learn what your taste is
  • Choose a lit name and emoji
  • Get matched with people who have similar taste in memes. You guys live on the same Meme Planet
  • Share memes which have been recommended by our AI with your new friends
  • Enjoy the fresh memes Clippy the Bot posts every 10min in every planet's chat room

How we built it

  • Conrad and Justin scraped more than 3k good memes from Reddit
  • We then embedded them using Language models (BERT) and CNNs (InceptionV3). We then ran PCA on the combined embeddings and used Agglomerative Clustering to generate 5 planets of memes
  • Ben and Alex built a beautiful UI for the product

Challenges we ran into

  • Javascript
  • Cosine similarity
  • Math of course

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Getting computationally cheap embeddings using a pretrained BERT and InceptionV3. Clustering everything!
  • Nice UI

Built With

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