Internet meme has become a cultural phenomenon in the digital era and it is a form of self-expression that can provide people a good laugh after a dreary day. We noticed that there exist some Facebook groups that are created for sharing memes among college students. So we decided to build a platform where college students can create and share memes of their professors to express their creativity.

What it does

  • Generate and share memes of your professors
  • Able to choose from existing photos or take new ones
  • Add punchline to the photos
  • Upload and browse memes by school and major

How we built it

  • We used swift, uikit, and photoshop to develop the client iOS app

Challenges we ran into

  • Since it was our first time using swift, we were very unfamiliar with its syntax. The differences in syntax between each - major version of swift are unnatural

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • To build an app together using a language we are unfamiliar with

What we learned

  • Building an iOS app using swift

What's next for Meme My Professor

  • Move local storage to a production backend, so data is shared across devices
  • Make UI more user friendly
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