Ever just come home from school or work with the goal of completing some assignment early and not sleeping at 1am, yet you still end up wasting time on social media? I know I have. Well, what better way to motivate yourself than with the most wholesome, feel-good memes?

With MemeMotivator, access to top-quality memes are available per your schedule. Rather than wasting your time searching for low-grade memes, MemeMotivator will deliver top-notch memes whenever you need them. So the next time you have a term paper that you haven’t started, use MemeMotivator to organize your break schedule.

What it does

MemeMotivator notifies users with new memes based on the times they choose in Settings. In the home page, you can favorite memes to see them in the favorites tab. Within the favorites tab, you can save the meme to your photo library so you can share that fresh meme with all your buds. You can also change the meme type between wholesome and dank, depending on your lifestyle.

How I built it

I built Meme Motivator in XCode using Swift.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the notifications feature, and that every time a notification is opened, a new meme appears. I am also really proud of the saving feature, as I felt it was a very important feature to have.

What I learned

I learned how to create local push notifications, how to make requests to APIs, and what to do if the API request fails (especially without a strong network connection).

What's next for Meme Motivator

Next, I plan to make more meme options (besides dank and wholesome), and I plan to make it possible for the user to swipe left and right on the home page to see different memes, instead of taking a break with only one meme.

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