After realizing that we had been missing an important piece in our lives, we started on a journey to find that missing piece. After nearly 10 minutes of searching, we consulted our very good friend and meme god, who made us realize we had been deprived of the sound of memes. With that knowledge, we set out to solve this major world issue and build Meme Melody.

What it does

Meme Melody listens to your request (literally, using Natural Language Processing), and responds with your very own memeified music, taking color values from the image and turning it into the most beautiful thing you'll ever hear

How we built it

This application was built on NodeJS with Express, and we used a variety of libraries and apis (like, a lot) to incorporate natural language processing, image searching, image analysis, etc.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to get an image from an api and split it up without causing all kinds of errors is exceptionally difficult, which we had not been expecting. That was by far the most persistent challenge we faced in this process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being the world's first to introduce memes using more than one sense.

What we learned

Memes are hard to turn into music.

What's next for Meme Melody

Probably taking over the world.

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