It was a strangely warm Chicago day when one of our team members was staring at water, he was struck by an idea for a project, and the the water wanted him to call it memeMe. MemeMe is a chrome extension with one goal, to meme-ify the internet.

What it does

MemeMe has multiple features, including:

  • All faces in images replaced with a meme face
  • Text overlay to match the meme
  • A unicorn background
  • Comic Sans
  • celery
  • and a nyan cat cursor
  • How we built it

    After developing the initial idea, we coordinated with our team members to designate tasks appropriately. We had to do research to learn the groundwork for a Chrome extension using Yeoman, integrate libraries into the Chrome Extension (jQuery, jQuery Facial Recognition), make a test file for facial recognition, construct a repository of 'shooped memes, and test app for JavaScript snippets.

    Challenges we ran into

    A major challenge was the utilization of the Chrome extension platform, which was new to all of us. We had to do extensive research prior, as well as during, the Hack-a-Thon to create the project. Chrome extensions also proved difficult as we could not set a cursor URL to a resource specified within an extension, which we determined to be a bug on the platform as confirmed by many online reports.

    Accomplishments that we're proud of

    We are extremely proud that our extension runs, as it is our first extension and it has so many components. Additionally, the coordiation between the team members was exceptional, everyone worked hard on their tasks to contribute to the final project.

    What we learned

    We learned how to create a Chrome extension, use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and what our favorite meme is.

    What's next for memeMe

    It will be available on the Chrome Web Store.

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