Memes overwhelmingly became the dominant language of the internet. This led to a generation of meme-geniuses; highly skilled and self-trained translating ideas through memetic content online. But most of these users don’t get paid for inventing the future of communication.

What it does

Meme Lordz is A fully decentralized meme token market. On Meme Lords, you can turn any meme into its own token, and let the market define its value based on popularity. Buy and sell meme tokens on our platform and start earning. The more meme-predicting skills you have, the more you’ll earn.

How we built it

The team divided the work into a front end using react and drizzle, and a contract-only backend building off of bonding-curve logic by bancor and oed and an inline-assembly proxy factory by gnsps. We started with a collaborative whiteboarding session, then worked with a combination of pair programming, automated testing with truffle, and manual testing off of Kovan.

Challenges we ran into

It was important to us to make sure the bonding curve logic was upgradeable, but also that we be able to verify that all proxy contracts on our platform pointed to the most-recent controller. This combination of verifiability and upgradeability required thoughtful contract architecture. Rinkleby going down at 3 am didn't help either XD

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Multiple gas optimizations - we store the memes themselves on ipfs, but the contract references them as two uint8s and a fixed length bytes32, significantly reducing gas costs over a dynamic array. We also used an inline assembly proxy factory, making cost to deploy a proxy only around 5 cents. On the front end, we have multiple sorting params for the meme leaderboard, and a portfolio page reading from event logs

What we learned

In the name of the moon and by the power of friendship memes are amazing

What's next for Meme Lordz

Auditing the existing contract, adding a global token layer and accepting collatoral in Dai, experimenting with different curves, and experimental interactions between memes-as-an-NFT and memes-as-fungible.

Built With

  • bonding-curves
  • drizzle
  • ipfs
  • react
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