What's the inspiration?

If I'm having a bad day, I look up memes. If you're having a bad day, you look up memes too. Memes are very inspiring.

What does it do?

It returns a random meme and an accompanying health and wellness tip. Why not become healthier at the same time while you're brightening up your day?

How did you build it?

We used the Flask microframework to interact with the Twilio API, all written in Python.

Did you run into any challenges?

Finding the right memes proved to be challenging.

Did you have any accomplishments that you're proud of?

We built it, and we felt really good! It works, wow!

What did we learn?

We learned about how to use Flask and Twilio API, all while learning more about how to use Python.

What's next for Health and Wellness Meme Generator?

We're taking it to nationals. More health tips and more memes make the world go round!

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