We face a lot of decisions making every day and it has just become part of our life. Unfortunately, sometimes these decisions just aren't that easy to make but we still need to deal with it. And one of the most important decisions you need to make every day is how should you spend your money wisely. Therefore, I decided to make a choice game that attempts to educate people on how to do manage their wealth via memes and swag.

What it does

It is a short, fun, and interactive meme-themed financial choice games. It will determine whether you are financially successful based on the choices you make during the game.

How I built it

Nothing too fancy here. I used Unity to build the model of the game and C# for the game scripts. I also used some photoshop to edit some memes and pictures.

Challenges I ran into

Like many of the newbies, the major challenge I ran into is having to learn the new programming languages and try to use it on the spot. I designed the game for 2 hours, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how exactly I can implement my design into Unity and writing C# for the first time is also a pain. But hey, this is exactly the fascinating part of the hackathon!!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Honestly, I am pretty proud that I made something work with first time using Unity and C#.

What I learned

▸ Unity ▸ C#

What's next for Meme Financial Choices

▸ Improving the overall quality of the graphics and come up with more interesting questions ▸ Let banks or finance company to have this game for their customers

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