We are an analytics platform for meme relevance. Meme freshness is an important metric on the success of a meme. Us as individuals have been very tired of seeing stale memes online; it's been a huge pain point in our lives, and we never want anyone to have to see a stale meme again.

What it does

In a nutshell, it captures trending memes and allows the user to visualize the memes' "hotness" on a realtime basis. At the same time, it also allows users to lookup memes based on descriptions or image URL.

How we built it

We used React, Redux, Google Firebase Realtime Database, and the Clarifai API to build our app. We used Firebase as a database for storage of relevant information regarding the memes, including relevant tags describing the image and timestamps of hits. We then used React to build the web platform and interact with the realtime server and database. The process of passing data around the app was streamlined by using Redux. We also used the Clarifai API as an image recognition tool that allowed us to associate relevant tags with individual memes. This allowed us to build the search bar functionality.

Challenges we ran into

React and Redux were new frameworks for the team to use, so we had to wrestle with learning and integrating those. Also, Firebase was a storage solution that did not always work the way we expected it to. In addition, the Firebase SDK was deprecated so we had to write HTTP requests to get and post data. Using D3.js also had a steep learning curve, so we had to spend a lot of time plowing through documentation to

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of finishing a project and working really well together as a team. We maximized individual strengths to get work done quickly while also all learning new skills in the process. It looks awesome and it's a meme. P.S., look out for our easter egg.

What we learned

We learned about frontend development with React and Redux, as well as using Redux as a global store for our data in the browser. Additionally, we learned a lot about using Firebase as a realtime database. We also learned about using D3 and Clarifai as frameworks, as well as javascript higher order functions to do most of our data processing.

What's next for Meme Economy 2.0

We built out most of the frontend and functionality to serve this as a usable product. We want to be able to scrape more websites so that we can provide realtime data and better analyses. We also want to collect analytics about how our platform is used to improve future user experiences.

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