Our inspiration was an idea of exploring the memeverse. Our vision was of a user drifting through a nebula of memes, discovering them in an organic and tactile manner.

What it does

Our project allows a user to input search terms for images. Our project searches Imgur, a popular image sharing website, with the search terms provided by the user. We then create a 3D nebula that contains images a user can explore and expierence in our memeverse.

How we built it

The project consists of a Python backend (for querying Imgur) and a Unity frontend, connected via a lightweight Flask server and SQLite database. The Unity application was written in the proprietary UnityScript language, creating an immersive 3D environment through particle systems, directional lighting, and a skybox.

Challenges we ran into

SQL issues: Accessing and storing data using mySQL was a bit of a challenge. While we solved many of these challenges, we did not end up being able to start a SQLite server from Unity javascript. Virtual Reality issues: A challenge we were late to combat was having a user input search terms in VR. Thus, we decided to only use the VR once the user has entered our "meme nebula".

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The feeling of seeing memes floating in space is wonderful. Especially some good ole JoJo anime ones. Our first expierence with Virtual Reality which was awesome.

What we learned

  • Data storage is a pain
  • All-Nighters are made better with Nidhogg breaks

What's next for Meme Adventures: Virtual Reality

While our work serves as an enticing proof of concept, we owe it to ourselves to go further. The memeverse, now so small and fragile, is begging to be expanded, both in the content it draws from and the ways it displays it. Imagine traversing a forest of memes, or a sea. Imagine being able to see the entire Internet floating before you, a spectrum of political memes, musical memes, programming memes, dinosaur memes. Reach out to them and embrace totality.

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