Don't be crazy and give your private phone number to strangers you just met! Instead use MeMaybe to give out a unique number to new prospects, allowing them to contact you on a private Kandy video call.


Have you been on a night out with friends and met someone interesting.
He's cute.
You really had a lot in common.
It might be something.
When he asks for your number.
It's a maybe.
You would like to see him again.
But you don't want to share all your info.

We get it.

MeMaybe gives you full control. The App provides a secure way to connect with Mr. Maybe to see if he is Mr. Right. You give your new acquaintance a secure number provided by our app. He connects directly via the app. You decide when to provide more details.

Kandy Integration

Screen Shot

Clicking the call button on the page starts a Kandy video conversation in place of the image of Allison.

The video conversation is implemented using our own Kandy Clojurescript SDK.

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