• Psuedo-permissionless marketplaces like Opensea, lets users create NFTs but these NFTs are operated by the Opensea StoreFront contract.
  • Why not give every user their own NFT collection to mint NFTs from?
  • Insider trading for upcoming featured drops. Trustless?

What it does

  • MeMarket is an NFT Marketplace built on Velas Blockchain.
  • MeMarket lets you create, sell and buy NFTs.

How we built it

  • MeMarket is built using ReactJS Frontend and Velas Blockchain Smart Contracts as Backend. We used Hardhat as a testing and development environment.

Challenges we ran into

  • MeMarket planned to allow permissionless token launches but the blockchain has a contract size limit which we are figuring out and thus token launches have been pushed ahead in the roadmap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • MeMarket is a truly trustless and permissionless Marketplace. 100% ownership and no need of approaching any authority to get your NFTs listed.

What's next for MeMarket

  • MeMarket plans to let creators to do permissionless token launch.
  • MeMarket plans to let creators spin up their own token governed DAO's
  • MeMarket plans to let creators create Royalty based NFTs and Multi-Royalty (Collaboration b/w creators / brands) based NFTs.

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