Writing code to solve problems is a great way to solve pressing issues in this world yet an issue which is not addressed in the modern world is writing efficient code which will produce sustainable CPU computing power. By limiting the CPU load you can run programs faster and decrease the power required by your program. This development tool highlights the vital necessity of having sustainable code so the CPU does not become bogged down with unnecessary stack references. Sustainable Code is necessary as coding becomes more prevalent in our daily lives. By writing efficient code this program will empower you to understand the importance of treating the CPU power carefully through sustainable code.

What it does

The tool will analyze the user Memory Stack from the code and calculate what the CPU power would be for the user code. Then it will compare the coding efficiency and computer energy taken to process that task displaying how much excess CPU load was used in the user's case.

How I built it

I used JAVA SWT to create the application and run the code.

What's next for Mem-Zero

Next goals for Mem-Zero will be automating the web scraping process to get all of the possible code workout questions through Python and adding Machine Learning to the mix.

Built With

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