When I am writing an email, my main concerns are to not be repetitive! to be creative and if I'm transferring my message in the best way possible! ( is there a better word? is there a better sentence? is there a better way?! ). That's why I created Melp! to Help Me to be able quickly and effortlessly to look at, get inspired and use, hundreds of thousands of email templates that exist out there!

What it does

Melp is simply a smart way to categorize everything and find what you need for you by asking 3 basic questions! What? Who? and Why! and it helps you answer them as well! with auto-completion, just start typing and done!! It helps users creating beautiful emails faster, easier and more efficient without worrying about being repetitive in their emails, spending too much time to find out the best way to say something or just needing some inspiration!

How I built it

I used Microsoft API, documentation, and SDKs, in addition, I used React/Redux/Node.js/Express as my development platform and hosted the application on Microsoft Azure web-app templated VMs..

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was to learn and understand the Office API which was new to me, but there were good tutorials and some documentations that made it easier!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished a polished and functional product! It really is production ready as an MVP and I really would like to be able to improve and develop it more to its next levels!

What I learned

How easy could it be to develop cool stuff with Graph and Office APIs!

What's next for Melp!

If I get good feedback on it and find it successful, I would love to develop it a bit more, add all the primary features I had in mind for it ( will follow ), publish it to Microsoft Office marketplace and maybe even make it open-source and let the community be involved in the project and let the project to become a simple example of an office add-in project!

Next features:

  • ( it supports I18N so: ) Adding language switch and localization auto-detection.
  • Adding a few templates for other languages that I can write!
  • Making it posible for users to create and add templates to the database ( a matter of UI )
  • User account management ( So users can keep their settings, favorites, etc )
  • Voting/ ranking system for templates.
  • Add the source / author to the templates.
  • Adding the possibility to create libraries and adding to favorites for users.
  • Adding some AI that would predict and present what user would probably like more first.
  • Rich text, html and MarkDown are supported right now but I'd add them to the UI as well (when adding/creating a template)
  • Add a direct feed-back button that would send the users feedback, tagged, directly to my inbox!

Built With

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posted an update

I just deployed another version of the app with better documentation rendering outside of Office 365 and other improvements and also addressing a few small bugs! It's accessible through the same address and same steps as before and will get updated automatically.

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posted an update

Just finished all my development tasks and did some debugging / refinements as well! I also created a simple user manual for both installation and usage of the add-in. Next have to work on the video! Have some great ideas but may end-up just recording my screen and explaining over it since it's a programming challenge and not one about video-editing skills! :D I guess a 1-2 minute video would suffice to go through the basic installation and usage of the app..

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