I hate typing in stupid long survey URLs to get a blanket. QR codes are ugly and hard to set up. Why can't I just point my phone at something and have it do what it needs to do?

What it does

Take a picture of something. Save an endpoint (URL, document, folder) for it to point to. The next time you hit that image, you're brought straight to the link/data you embedded there.

How I built it

  • React Native app to capture image, get image hashed, and use hash to either create or retrieve a MELD
  • Python Flask server to perform the image hashing process
  • NodeJS server to store, create, retrieve the MELDs

Challenges I ran into

React Native is tough. Not as easy to build as a website would've been.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Server, server, server, server

What I learned

Some React Native, more about image recognition, Monster is amazing, life's hard.

What's next for MELD

Built With

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