A public transport app that includes all the transport options for Melbourne, including trams, trains, buses and ferries. And one that was easy to use for tourists with lots of information they would need, all the must see locations, and how to get to them.

What it does

It combines all the different travel options, and has over 100 of the important must see locations in Melbourne. And will give you directions on how to get to each of them. With the press of one button you get instructions on how to get there, and a map.

How I built it

Collecting 11 different GTFS files, and converting over 200mb of data into a mobile friendly format able to be used by a device to calculate routes in a decent time.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge was how to combine 11 different GTFS files, which was not easy. They all used very different identifiers, so I had to write a program to match the different stops to each other, and a way to save that data into a small format suitable for mobile phones.

Next, actually getting a routing algorithm that worked in a reasonable time, and gave some good results was very tricky.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating the best PT app for melbourne, with all the different options in one app. And routing that includes all those possible transport options. I had to create my own data structure to store the data in a mobile friendly way, and one that was easy to search through to create a route.

What I learned

How complicated GTFS files are, how different they are from each other, how much data is included in each one. But on the positives, how easy it was to setup on OpenShift and get that server working on mobiles.

What's next for Melbourne Public Transport

Improved routing algorithm, more information for travelers, faster API.

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