Melanomas (malignant skin tumors) are one of the cancers with the highest causes of death, yet have extremely high treatment success rates if caught early. Hence the solution is to design a device that can check for early signs of malignancy that's easily accessible to the general population that can precede the need to book a doctor's appointment and having to go through long wait times to get screened.

What it does

This melanoma detector uses an infrared camera with a live LCD display to detect for malignant metabolic behavior and will generate a recommendation as to whether the user should seek further medical consultation. A malignant skin tumor will reheat faster than healthy skin when cooled due to its metabolic demands, so a patch of skin will be cooled and scanned with the infrared sensor to detect its reheat patterns.

How I built it

The sensor consists of a infrared camera connected to an LCD display that can show live color gradient heat maps of the object being scanned.

Challenges I ran into

The greatest challenge remains having access to a clinically approved reference of what infrared patterns correspond to a malignant scenario. This will require a lot of patient data and clinical trials before it can be used on the market! So this will be the next step!

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