We wanted to work on a project that accelerates the medical diagnosis process for cancer at a more accessible cost and one that could be easily used by the patient from the comfort of their own home. Our mix of hardware and software experience lead us to MelaKNOWma!

What it does

It's designed as a self-assessment tool to assist in the detection of early-stage melanoma. It works by measuring the temperature on a patch of skin. Skin with melanoma has been shown to heat faster than the skin around it, due to the tumor needing it's own blood supply for rapid cell division.

How we built it

Using react-native for the mobile front end, we hooked up the IR sensor to an Arduino. This writes the temperatures of each cell of a matrix which is read by the frontend, providing a mock heat simulator to provide user feedback. The idea was that we would then detect either a) no change or b) small change and would notify the user to go see their doctor.

Challenges we ran into

We had lots of ideas that we'd love to have implemented that we didn't get to add due to time constraints (like live infrared colour map feedback).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Worked well together as a team
  • Got experience working on a new area of applications - medical - which will no doubt inspire further work.
  • Got to enjoy HTN!
  • Got some sleep!

What I learned

  • Exposure to all the new technologies
  • Communication is important in a team

What's next for melaKNOWma

  • Continue! We'd like to see it brought to completion with a better API and frontend, as well as implementing all the stuff we didn't manage to squeeze in in time!
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