Micropayments are getting quite popular these days. Podcasters, artists and authors can get a good amount of income with a lot of small online micropayments, similar to street artists, which create income out of small coins of pedestrians. The problem with online micropayments are the transaction costs, which are way to high for a sum of small transactions.

What it does

We created an application, that allows 'consumers' to donate to 'artists' via a smart contract. The smart Contract combines several micropayments to one big payment, to reducetransaction costs.

How we built it

We build a smart contract which runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. On top of that we build a web application that interacts with the contract.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time we worked on a blockchain. We had to learn everything from scratch, including a new and special programming language (solidity).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What we learned

We never worked on a blockchain before, so we learned everything to build a smart contract from scratch.

What's next for meinBlock

  • The widget needs to be easier to implement in any website and smartphone applications
  • Optimise the solidity code further, to reduce gas consumption to a minimum
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