We have enough meeting apps free and paid, but they are all boring because they stick to what they r meant for, i.e, meetings.. Its not a bad thing but it makes it very old school and boring.

What it does

What I have created in the Megoloverse prototype is a virtual space for hackathons, expos, art galleries, and even fun meetups. The virtual space has a customizable map with support for interactions and storing the state of activities in database. It uses spatial audio from dolby.IO for more dynamic experience.

How I built it

  • Dolby IO for communications and spatial audio
  • Angular front end hosted on github-pages
  • Express, NodeJS backend hosted on netlify
  • MongoDB database

Accomplishments that Iam proud of

  • Easiest tool to start a meeting. (just give the name of your space in url ... thats it !!!)<your_space_name>
  • Interactive custom map (map is pan - zoom capable and mobile friendly)

What's next for Megaloverse

  • GUI for admins to configure custom maps
  • Isolated spots for private chat
  • Interaction on the map can be saved, which gives possibilities to create new widgets, games , physics simulations which can be saved to database..(what you do in Megaloverse .. stay in Megaloverse )

Built With

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