The world has gone mobile. Sales, Service, and Marketing professionals today carry their devices everywhere and need access to corporate and social data. Existing applications don’t play to the strengths of a mobile device. The next-generation of mobile apps needs to be social, push information, have a great user experience, minimize the amount of data input required, and most importantly be context-aware. It is our mission to push the right information at the right time. The resulting product is the Megaki Now mobile app.

Megaki Now is a software assistant in every business person's pocket.

Imagine that it's 15 minutes before a meeting. The Megaki Now app prompts you with a push notification that new insights are available. When you open the Megaki mobile app, you see all the relevant information--social information about the people you’re meeting with, past interactions, and recent news.

When at the meeting site, the Megaki app prompts you to check-in, which shows up on the Account feed as a Chatter post. Then later when you’re free, it asks you how the meeting went, which updates the Chatter post and logs an activity in the history.

Later in the day, you browse the Megaki Now feed to catch up on the latest information about your prospects and customers.

Using Megaki Now, organizations can become a customer company, increase sales, and deliver great experiences by equiping people with the information they need when they need it. Their teams become happier and more successful because Megaki Now enables them to use mobile in a whole new way.

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