Megafind is a webapp based platform for hosting live lecture sessions. Professors can begin a session that students in the lecture can join using some provided passcode. Upon joining the live session, students gain access to multiple features that provide an enhanced lecture experience. The dashboard has 3 main features:

  1. The first is simply the lecture slides embedded into the left half of their screen––this is for the students to follow along with the presentation.
  2. The right side contains two tabs. One is a live transcript of what the professor is saying that updates in real time. The app parses the professor's words in real time to find relevant people, places etc. Each term deemed relevant has a hyperlink to additional resources. These keywords are also stored in a digest that we will send at the end.
  3. The third feature is an in-browser note taker that begins lecture with all the bullet points/text scraped from the powerpoint presentation. This way, students can focus on putting their own thoughts/notes instead of simply copying the lecture bullets.

At the end of the lecture, Megafind sends each student a copy of their "lecture digest" which contains 3 parts:

  1. A summary of the lecture created by performing natural language understanding on the transcript
  2. The notes taken by the student in lecture
  3. Each keyword that we picked up on compiled into a list with a short summary of its definition (for study guides/quick reference)

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