We, a kind bunch of aspiring Computer Science Majors, really wanted to develop something to help students of our university learn to, and be more motivated to code better. We unanimously decided, 'what better way to encourage progressive coding than a little friendly competition?'. Hence, the creation and spawn of, MegaBackend Judge, the auto-grader made to pave the way for uninspired students everywhere.

How we built it

This whole application is build solely in Java, with the help of Spring and Vaadin frameworks.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble deleting from rows.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our teammate is very proud of being able to delete a row from a table.

What we learned

How to delete a row.

Also we got a taste of how to use Spring and Vaadin, three of us were new to this and the format was foreign and uncomfortable but we stuck with it, doing our best to ignore the itch to complete this in our more native languages, which would have been faster and more complete.

What's next for MegaBackend Judge

We have realistic plans to complete to project to actually use for our Association for Computing Machinery club back at school, hosting a local competition to encourage our coders to be more progressive.

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