I personally dislike updating my resume.

What it does

My application extracts basic resume components like skills, work, project, and education information from different social media platforms (Facebook) as well as developer platforms (Devpost and Github) and puts them all into one printable resume. It also uses IBM's personality profile analyzation to compare your resume against industry professionals' (with 10+ years of experience) resumes with a simple score out of ten.

So you can walk into a hackathon (like HACKNYU), complete a project, upload/submit that project and have the project added to your resume without even thinking about it.

How I built it is primarily a Python application, using a number of data extraction methods and libraries including:

  • Tesseract for image recognition / text-extraction
  • BeautifulSoup for information retrieval
  • IBM Watson for personality profile development and score computation
  • Simple HTML/CSS

Challenges I ran into

Extracting and parsing data, definitely. I resorted to using multiple methods to retrieve data, including text recognition from images, API calls, and web data extraction with scripting

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned how to use the IBM personality analyzation service, and despite my initial impressions that the project might be a little too ambitious for a hackathon, I managed a lot more over the weekend and exceeded my own expectations.

What's next for

Cleaning up the UI a bit, maybe? Adding more parameters for the score computing.

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