Ever since studying and working from home had become the new normal, we found that interacting with not only our closed ones but even new people, had been getting critical, so that we do not miss out on opportunities we get online, for our work and development. But searching through the never ending list of contacts on different social media platforms and typing each text, got really hectic and time consuming for us. So much so, that we often skipped the conversation. We wanted a place, where we just had to give commands and our words get delivered to the respective person. So we tried to tackle this problem and make long distance chats easy and less tedious by building our messaging bot.

What it does?

The mega bot makes your long distance chats easy and quick, giving your fingers a much needed rest. It takes us on our desired social media platform while running just a single code. It solves the problem of searching through the never ending list of contacts on different social media platforms and typing each text individually. We just have to give a few commands after which it recognises our speech, and texts our desired message to the desired person, on the desired platform, like whatsapp, e-mail, instagram, telegram, etc.Thus making our interaction smooth and less hectic.

For instance, if I want to send a message ‘I have completed my work. Have you?’ to ‘Riya’, on ‘Whatsapp’, I would just run the code on terminal and speak ‘Whatsapp’. It will ask me to whom you want to send the message , to which I would say “Riya”. It would ask me what do you want to message. I would speak my message ‘I have completed my work. Have you?’ and complete it with “no thanks”. After then it will automatically type the corresponding number and open the whatsapp, and text Riya the desired message.

This way I can switch among various platforms and people I want to interact with, in just a few words.

How we built it

We built it using a number of python libraries.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the accurate code for adding the voice recognition feature, really squeezed us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After working day and night on the code, libraries and different video editing softwares, we are proud that our efforts were fruitful. We were able to accomplish integrating the codes in one place and giving a voice over to create the exact bot we had imagined.

What we learned

We learnt how to give voice over, and improve the accuracy of our codes using different libraries. Above all, we learnt how to optimise each team members’ skills and work together effectively.

What's next for MegaBot- a messaging bot

Integrate as many social media platforms as possible

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