MeetVerse= MetaVerse + Meetings Make your meetings more interactive and realistic. Make your meetings more fun whether they are formal or informal you will enjoy them here !

Brainstorm 🧠

We all have used meeting platforms and the one thing they lack is interactivity and are far away from being realistic. We wanted to build something that will capture the attention of Gen-Z while also maintaining the ease of usage. To make the meeting more realistic we need a realistic space and emotions. So we decided to build MeetVerse !

  • Easier to maintain eye-contact
  • Feel more lively
  • Talk in your own group
  • More than one Group inside a Single Room

Infrastructure 🏗️

We are build to be resilient. Our infrastructure is designed very carefully keeping in mind the amount of effort and time users from all around the world will spend on our platform.’s spatial audio to create a realistic conversation experience. We are using the API’s provided by Dolby for screen sharing.We are using BablyonJS for creating the 3D environment. Using websockets to provide coordinates for player movements.

What it does 🔧

The current demand for virtual meetings and events are increasing and the traditional meeting options are no longer enough to give a fully immersive experience. So we have created a 3D space where users can host there event and meetings in a single click and experience a realistic conversation.

  • Create Events/Meeting Links
  • Spatial Audio to improve the experience
  • Share Screen during Event/Meeting
  • Video on Character for realistic feel

Challenges we ran into 💪

Instead of Using Game-Engines which do not support web-browsers natively we have used BablyonJs for the best possible user Experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

Integrating spatial audio to improve the feel Adding video texture to the character’s face

What's next for MeetVerse⏱️

There’s a lot to build and lot to learn. We want to work on growing the project organically. Building various different spaces and creating multiple groups in a single space is something we will be implementing

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