At every conference, there is a lot of information to gather. A website, some flyers and emails in advance, later on more mails, a map, some printed schedules, an extra app to download, and so on.. All of that for just a couple of days? A lot of paper wasted, the app deinstalled again, a lot of cards collected. Why do we need for every event so many confusing elements to visit one conference? Would it not be great to have it on one place? Not only visitors struggle, as we can see, speakers have the issue to spread the word about their talks.

That is why we developed meetup. An app, that combines all conferences in one feed. Conferences, talks, even speakers are gathered in one place, allowing you to save your events, to buy tickets, to keep in track of changes, to discuss with other participants, to get quickly to your conference site as well as event room, and much more! Not only before or during the event, but also after, so you do not lose important thoughts, interesting contacts or simply beautiful memories.

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