Looking around at a lot of developer communities in most less developed countries, we have been able to clearly observer that one main challenge faced is the difficulty to get accurate event attendance information and attendee feedback. This is not just for developer communities, ll types of events face this issue. This comes up mainly due to poor internet availability at these events, thus activities like check-in/submit feedback becomes difficult for attendees, hence they seldom submit this data. What if this could be fixed. MeeTTop steps in to solve this problem by making it possible for event organisers get this data without needing internet connection

What it does

 MeeTTop is a desktop application that lets event organizers receive attendees check-in data from attendees without internet connection. 
  1. We make it possible to create events on your computer offline. This can then be broadcasted to the event attendees over a local event network.
  2. Event attendees can then connect to the broadcasted event via a url provided on the application and get access to the event page. Here they can then submit checkin information.
  3. Organizers can create custom questions for users to answer when submitting checkin forms. This way you can gather as much data as possible without having to do any manual work.
  4. Amazingly, with MeeTTop, the hassle on how to share resources during events like videos, and files, has been taken away. Right from the application, you can select files you wan to provide as resources for attendees during the event. This way once you broadcast the event anyone who gets to connect to the event, can simply just download the resource file with a simple click. This makes your event so much more interesting.
  5. Organizers can view event insights.
  6. MeeTTop provides cross event analytics which is the possibility for event organizers to look at analytics from multiple events showing various aspects and sensitive information.
  7. To start using MeeTTop users need to login. This takes place using either facebook account, or sms, or email.
  8. One cool fact is that the event attendees do not need to have MeeTTop installed to access the event once it has been broadcasted. All they need is a web browser and to be connected to the same network on which the event is being broadcasted.

How we built it

To be able accomplish such a great idea, we had to stand on the shoulders on various awesome technologies. We made use of react js first and foremost to produce a stable, stafeful, and reactive application, with a smooth UI/UX, and make the development process a breeze for us. We make use of the facebook login api, and facebook account kit for authenticating users. This makes managing user data alot easier for user, and takes away the stress of having to handle routine authentication tasks, like account email or phone number verification (still to be implemented as at this submission). In order to ensure the best performance for our inbuilt server, we made use of feathers js to serve the event data to attendees. And finally we make use of Electron JS to build our react application into a desktop application that can be made available for Windows, linux and MacOS. Other technologies and libraries used that may have not been mentioned were also extremely helpful to our progress.

Challenges we ran into

Managing multiple processes within the same application was definitely a challenge. We also had to learn how to implement inter process communication in order to make the application flow seamless for the end users. using electron IPC and also sockets we were able to achieve these tasks. Like every challenge, it led to us learning a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After having worked on MeeTTop, we are proud of the fact that we are able to run a server from within our application to serve data to many clients at a time, and handle the requests as fast as possible.

What we learned

We learned how to optimise applications for desktop production builds, as well as a lot about user experience.

What's next for MeeTTop

So we've covered quite a few milestones for MeeTTop, but it's not yet the end. To proceed, we are looking forward to various big upgrades to make it all too amazing an application to miss for every one. These updates are actually not very far away. They are actually coming up very soon.

  1. Integrating the Cloud: We are looking at let you broadcast events from all of your devices, phones, and computers. This is where the user authentication data helps out. With the identification information we get from you, we will be able to sync your event data across all devices where you ahve meeTTop installed. To this effect, MeeTTop will have a mobile application as well.
  2. Inbuilt Hotspot: We want to enable MeeTTop to start a hotspot network from the host's device for attendees to connect to in case the event does not have a network for attendees to connect to.
  3. Integrations: We believe it will be all the more amazing if event organizers to get integration for MeeTTop with online event management platforms like splashThat, Meetup, event-bride, and many more. in order to make it easy for them to simply import and export data to and fro these platforms with ease.
  4. Bird Eye View: We are visualizing a new mode of event analytics were event organizers can get insights on their events, but from a higher position, and from multiple event. This provides a cross evaluation of many events. Helping to understand overall event trends and decide actions to take for subsequent events.

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