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Free and Secure Blockchain Vide Conferencing - Based on Jitsi SIP Framework


MeetSecure is an open-source video conferencing platform. It is encrypted and running on the Ethereum Blockchain network for state-of-the-art security and privacy.

Video is transfered in two ways, main video feed is transferred via the webRTC protocol for a peer-to-peer conference, and compressed for added streaming speed using Google's Brotli algorithm.

Subsidiary video feeds are streamed via a decentralized system through Ethereum's Blockchain.

All data is stored in the users' cached and individual users are identified via hardware identifiers such as os, pgp key, viewport, etc.


  • Free
  • Unlimited Users
  • Completely Private
  • No Logs
  • Fast Streaming
  • Screen Share

Technologies Used/Credits

  • Backend: NodeJS, webRTC, web3.js, Ethereum Blockchain, PostgresSQL
  • Frontend: Bootstrap, ReactJS
  • Google Brotli Compression
  • SRTP-DTLS Encryption
  • 8x8's Jitsi SIP Framework
    • Frontend React UI Library
    • In-Browser Video Processing/Decryption/Decompression
  • ethereum-connect.js
  • Cloudflare Rate-Limiting and DNS
  • DigitalOcean Kubernetes Cluster (Increase Room Sizes)
  • LivepeerJS
    • Communicate with the Ethereum network and implement live, instantaneous video transfer over blockchain

Coming Soon...

  • Mobile Apps
  • One-Time Use Links
  • Secure In-Chat File Sharing
  • Realtime Closed-Captioning
  • Text-to-Speech Via Chatbox
  • REST Api
  • reCaptcha V3
  • AI-Based Compression Algorithm Decisions on-the-fly
  • Flask Universal App
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