As a ex-Program Manager at Microsoft myself, I had realized that I spent a significant chunk of my work day in meetings. And specially for big projects, keeping up with post-meeting logistics was very important (like sending out meeting notes, summarizing them for partner teams, scheduling follow-up discussions and creating well defined objectives for all stake holders) in order for the project to go smoothly. I always felt that there was a big lack of innovation in this area (meetings) of my work and hence I decided to tackle that first. 

What it does

MeetScribe is a smart meeting assistant that provides a layer of intelligence during meetings and automates all the post-meeting tasks to drive higher organizational productivity. It currently allows for transcription and summarization of meeting notes in seven languages and provides an archive of the recorded audio.

How we built it

The technology stack used is as follows:

  • Azure for hosting the web application
  • Angular4 + TypeScript to build the FrontEnd
  • Java to build the BackEnd
  • Microsoft Cognitive Service - Speech Recognition
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Office 365 Dev API

Challenges we ran into

Our product development process was chaotic as it is with most teams at such competitions, but one thing that helped us win was the relevant time spent during ideation and brainstorming phase. Once the problem statement was released, our team spent a fair share of time brainstorming and discussing various application scenarios and how the end user experience should look like. Once we had a very clear picture of what we needed to build, we moved on to actually building it. There were some in-course pivots during development but having defined a good structure earlier, we were able to move through the technical challenges swiftly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using Microsoft Office 365 Graph, Azure and Speech Recognition by Microsoft cognitive services in one web application that is completely platform agnostic that can be used on any device was quite an achievement. We were very delighted to see it coming together.

What's next for MeetScribe

In the future, it plans to offer translation, smart reminders, and auto-generated to-do lists.

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