Everyone knows how hard it can be to keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues with everything going on in life. Especially with Covid and travel restrictions, it's difficult remembering to keep up with friends and acquaintances. Sometimes, we all need that extra reminder or push to break the ice and reconnect.

What it does

meetr is an app that helps you build and maintain your relationships, whether that be for close friends or distant acquaintances. You can specify how often you would ideally like to see them, and meetr will send you SMS reminders thanks to Twilio™. You can also quickly and easily track your "meets" and store important information in each friend's profile, allowing you to remember what you last discussed or developments in their life. And of course, meetr takes your privacy very seriously, and your friends list and meet history is entirely private. With meetr's features, you can stay closer to those around you.

How we built it is built using the T3 Stack, which includes Next.js and TailwindCSS for the frontend, as well as Prisma ORM and tRPC to facilitate manipulation of our PostgreSQL database hosted on Railway. For phone verification and notifications, we leverage the seamless integration of the Twilio™ API. Together with Typescript, we like to call this the 'T4 Stack' (Twilio™, Typescript, TailwindCSS, tRPC).

Challenges we ran into

Certainly, with the rather simple concept of meetr, design and execution was paramount. A lot of attention was paid to every aspect of the user experience, from our seamless sign-up process through Google OAuth, phone verification flow, to our performant user interface powered by Next.js and daisyUI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We will certainly make use of meetr ourselves, and we are incredibly proud of how easy it is to begin using meetr. We hope that many of you at Hack@Brown will try meetr and see if it can bring utility to your life!

What we learned

It was exciting and rewarding to dive into this new tech stack. Despite the steep learning curve, we began to really appreciate how all of the components fit together. Leveraging SMS notification technology was also something that none of us had interacted with.

What's next for meetr

While already has the fundamental functionality, we believe that by building native mobile apps for iOS and Android, we can leverage native APIs and achieve much tighter integration with platform-specific calendar, reminder, and message services. For instance, tracking your meets could be automatic with integration with Apple Calendar and iMessage.

We hope you all enjoy meetr!

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