We personally experienced a large number of empty meeting rooms in our previous workplaces. This can lead to wasting a significant amount of energy and thus hurting our environment. We felt that having an application where all you need to do is book a room and the application takes care of the rest for you. That is, locking doors and regulating temperatures before and after the meeting.

What it does

Meetr is an application aiming to improve sustainability by adjusting the temperature in office rooms using Nest. Users can book meeting rooms in the workplace through the companion Android app. Meetr will automatically warm up the meeting room to an appropriate temperature and unlock the door to the room using Nest cloud services. After the meeting is completed, Meetr will automatically lock the door and readjust the temperature on the Nest thermostat to conserve energy.

How we built it

Built by developing an Android front end that can be used to book meeting rooms and a web frontend dashboard to see the status of meeting rooms. Frontend interfaces with backend server that makes manages meeting rooms and makes calls to Nest cloud service to control temperature appropriately.

Challenges we ran into

WiFi network incompatible with the hardware used and familiarizing ourselves with the Nest thermostat.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to effectively split the tasks allowing the project to go smoothly

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