We originally were thinking of an app for providing advice for any topic. Almost like stack exchange. We then decided to focus it more towards study groups. The idea then became MeetUp.

What it does

A way to meet up with people in your area who are doing similar activities like coding in python or studying calculus.

How we built it

We had one designer design both the iOS app and website, one full stack web developer working on the front end and back end of the web server, and one front end iOS developer. We used Express to handle the API on the backend for both the website and iOS app.

Challenges we ran into

Authentication and how to make requests to the server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The front end of the website and all of the new skills we've picked up.

What we learned

  • Designers are awesome.
  • Coding iOS apps by sight.
  • Searching for documentation.
  • Shortcut notations.
  • Making complex API calls.
  • Google Maps Web API

What's next for MeetMe

Our web developer plans on continuing work on the front and backend of the site as well as making it more mobile friendly.

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