Have you ever tried to arrange a social meet up with your friends ? what a nightmare huh ? You've probably sent an invitation on a Whatsapp group, and then each one of your friends sends a messages saying whether he can come, what time or place he thinks is best, and whether he can bring a car. Also, you spam your other group friends who don't really care because they can't come. Obviously you can open a new whatsapp group, but that's no fun, and also if a friend joins later, he can't see all the messages sent, and can't know where or when the event is.

MeetMe solves this problem. When you want to arrange a meet-up with friends, all you have to do is create a new event, invite your friends, and that's that. MeetMe will tell you how many are coming, where or when they want to go, and all you have left to do is have a good time with your friends.

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