Same Home, Different Hacks 2020

Hey! Thanks for checking out meetmap.

We’ve all been stuck at home for quarantine. For us, part of being Happy At Home necessitates a mental rest once in a while, like catching some fresh air at a nearby park. That being said, we still want to make sure that we’re being safe and not going to a busy area - but how can we scope out the area from the comfort of our own homes?

We created meetmap, a live web service that you can use before heading out to meet up with your friends. all while being socially distanced and safe. We deployed multiple Google Maps APIs from the Google Cloud Platform to allow users to view heatmaps to check the population density in a given area. Users can enter a location and toggle a heatmap to determine how busy a park is, and judge whether it is safe or not to go to a park. They also have the ability to change the gradient colours, the radius, and the opacity of the heat map, as well as customize the look by turning on the dark mode.

meetmap was made using the Google Maps API from the Google Cloud platform.

note: root user is k-chew on an aws ec2 ubuntu instance

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