We know that looking for work is an necessary and important spent of time for the interviewer and the candidate, so we decided to carry out a project in which we can make shorten these times considerably. In the new digital era, they are changing the way we look for work, integrating different tools, and in many cases combining different ones. We have tried to gather the most important ones looking for efficiency and effectiveness.

What it does

Join the process of preselection and a videocall we managed to shorten the selection time, being good for the candidate because is informed before his selection and being good for the recruiter, who saves time and therefore money. Our project consists of two important parts. The first one, is make a challenge what allows discard de non-qualified for the job candidates. Then the preselected candidates has scheduled to be interviewed by videoconference. That increase the probability to be hired saving time and money in consequence.

How I built it

We have decided build an android application in which you can solve the tests in a simple way, and then once you are able to schedule a video call with the interviewer. Docker for the back end. Python and Flask for app web. API: React

Challenges I ran into

In less than 36 hours, we've designed and implemented a completely functional application, that also is user-friendly and can mean a new approach of how people find a new job.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finised at time

What's next for Just Hired

We would love to implement it with all the tools and resources necessary to do so, in order to improve the day-to-day of the hiring processes.

Video Demonstration

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