We cannot conduct today meetings or conference in the old fashion way. We have re-think meetings in the social media era and the latest technologies available today to maximize efficiency, productivity and innovation. It is time to embrace the Virtual Reality in Business.

Wherever you are, attend your meeting or deliver a presentation in the virtual world by wearing GearVR.

You don't need to go to a conference room to attend the meeting. From your desk, Put Gear VR and a headphone. Live MeetingRightVR immersive experience that will takes you to a virtual Meeting Room.

Attendee can navigate the presentation then press the sync button to follow the presenter. Attendee has chat window to send short messages and a questions window for questions. Attendees provides instant feedback to presenter using common social media symbol: like, unlike and expand.

MeetingRightVR is compatible with MeetingRight that run on many platforms however, the experience is completely different. (http://www.meetingright.net)


  • Unprecedented immersive experience.
  • Connects thousands of people using mobile devices to share live presentation and instant feedback
  • Provides familiar social media tools: chat, like, expand
  • Improves Innovation, Productivity and Efficiency
  • We have assembled latest technology to improve meeting experience
  • Very low data transfer for communication.

Milestone 2:

  • Integrate Meeting Room.
  • Integrate Presentation (PDF) into Meeting room.
  • Integrate Chat and vote results into the model.
  • Implement OnScreen VR Keyboard to: Enter Meeting Code, Chat and Questions.

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