We cannot conduct today meetings or conference in the old fashion way. We have re-think meetings in the social media era and the latest technologies available today to maximize efficiency, productivity and innovation.

Epson Moverio Smart Glasses are a state of the art technology that will improve the meeting experience by bringing the presentation screen and tools to the participant anywhere. In the park, coffee shop or seating at the end of conference room, no problem. Epson Moverio smart glasses will put you in the first raw.

With MeetingRight Live you can deliver presentation or attend presentation with your Moverio Smart Glasses. You can attach your virtual screen to a specific location in the room. When you move your head the screen still in the same location to allowed global view of the real world Presenter starts the meeting and selects presentation stored in the cloud in PDF format. Attendees scan the meeting barcode to join the meeting. Attendees get the presentation on their devices screens. Presenter can use multiple displays for the presentation. Presenter control s the screen and define which window to show/hide.

Attendee can navigate the presentation then press the sync button to follow the presenter. Attendee has chat window to send short messages and a questions window for questions. Attendees provides instant feedback to presenter using common social media symbol: like, unlike and expand.

MeetingRight Live:
• Connects thousands of people using Moverio Smart Glasses or mobile devices to share live presentation and instant feedback. • Provides familiar social media tools: chat, like, expand and poll • Improves Innovation, Productivity and Efficiency • We have assembled latest technology to improve meeting experience • Very low data transfer for communication.

Others MeetingRight special devices available today: MeetingRight with dual display support: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_-pcLwul2c#t=176 MeetingRight for Samsung smart watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9xHof6GUZk

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