Abstract: The goal of our project is to develop a web application which by implementing API’s leverages the emotions and words spoken by the respective user in various scenarios. By utilizing the Cognitive Services tools provided by Microsoft.

Detailed Description: In this digital world, most people only do conversations via digital applications like Skype, Whatsapp, IMO etc. As they were conversing, their emotions to the other person are not conveyed correctly. The other person mostly misinterprets our emotion and the content conveys. To improve that we made a web application to evaluates the emotion of people at both ends and makes the responsive output making a Sentiment Analysis using Microsoft Cognitive Service - Text Analytics API to generate a confidence score (between 0 and 1)and suggest sentences based on the initial categories selected by the user. The three categories implemented in this project are: Academics, Sales and Dating. Eventually, the application also attempts to track the facial emotions of the person and provide a real-time graph showing an "emotion" score. With this application, the user will be able to incorporate the suggested words by the API, and use them for a much healthier conversation.

Problems Faced: Integrating the API into the application was challenging since we had to use the API model according to the functionality of our project. Creating a successful interface between the front-end and back-end was a big task and time-consuming. So we performed several trial and error methods and many analysis to bring out the desired output.

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