One of our beloved clients at Supersynchronous noticed that while they took many extremely valuable notes, they rarely returned to the notes to remind themselves about what they had talked about.

They said, "it would be extremely useful to be able to pull out all of the highlights, checklists, and certain keywords from the notes we took, is that possible?"

It is now!

What it does

The Meeting Pack allows you to extract all your highlights, checklists, and questions, making it easy for you to remember, “what did we say? What do we need to do?"

How we built it

To create the Meeting Pack we made a huge canvas entry with every conceivable combination of mentions, highlights, checklists, keywords, and questions, and then we asked ourselves, "If we had taken these notes in a meeting, what would we want to see?"

In the end, we made formulas to get this information:

  1. Pull out everything that was highlighted
  2. Pull out everything in a checklist
  3. Pull out questions as long as they are not in a highlight or a checklist
  4. If you mention a person (with an @ mention) keep that information associated with the highlight!

This made for a super powerful note taking tool! Plus, if you hook it up with the Meeting Pack template it can automatically convert your checklists into tasks and action items in your meeting notes docs!

What we’re most proud of

Wrangling Coda's html data is a bit tricky! Getting it working properly took over 200 lines of tests and counting!

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