In some general scenario, an employee can reserve a room for one hour, however, the meeting only lasts for 30 minutes. No one will use the room because the room will be under reserved status. Therefore, we decided to create a solution that can update the status of the rooms.

What it does

The Echo Dot communicates back and forth to update the database regarding the availability of free rooms and meeting status.

How we built it

We used Fire-base database. We used Echo Dot to communicate back and forth to the database.

Challenges we ran into

We mainly ran into the usage of hardware. As none of us had knowledge about the hardware, therefore, we weren't able to see the usage of it. We were planning to use Echo dot, but because of no secure wifi connection, we weren't able to use it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Initially, we were planning to develop a full application, but then we decided to focus on one or two main scenarios. We were able to implement those scenarios and we are proud of it.

What we learned

We learned the usage of Echo Dot. In other words, we learned to train the echo.

What's next for Meeting Manager

We would to implement rest of the ideas to it.

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