Insightful Meetings is inspired by the numerous virtual meetings transpired by current social distancing measures and the lack of attention of participants during meetings (missing information or forgetting to take notes). With the constant and increasing usage of video communication services, like Zoom or Google Meet, our team was inspired to further leverage functionality and experience by providing insightful meeting analytics.

What it does

Insightful Meetings is a web application that generates analytics from audio content of video meetings. These analytics include key phrases, named/linked recognition of entities, and sentiment analysis. By providing participants these insightful analytics via a clear and easy-to-use application, they will be able to recall any missed or forgotten information or perform an analysis of key points. This contributes to a deeper understanding of meeting topics/information.

How we built it

Insightful Meetings is built with a backend consisting of python, Microsoft Azure Text Analytics API, and Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API. The frontend (web app) is built using React.js, Flask for web services, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we encountered included making use of automatic text summarizers and not having enough experience with React.js.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Firstly, we are proud of implementing an application that is functional and serves a useful purpose. We met our desire to create something useful, especially helping to alleviate pressure and assisting in work during quarantine/remote settings. Secondly, we are proud of the integration of our backend (APIs) with our frontend (React.js).

What we learned

Throughout the creation of this project, we learned different technologies like Microsoft Azure, React.js, and gained experience working with different APIs.

What's next for Meeting Insights

Insightful Meetings will further enhance analytics and provide suggestions based on the analysis of analytics. In the future, implementing a desktop program will automatically process every new meeting on any video/audio communication service and display insights and suggestions on a dashboard.

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