A customer asked us about how we would envision a meeting solution, to boost Teams adoption as they were rolling out MS Teams within their organization. That's when we came up with an idea of a set of features that would make up for a meeting assistant solution.

What it does

This solution brings up features to schedule meetings in multiple ways, send out a daily brief of all the meetings happening in a day, provision team along while meeting creation, list-filter-find meetings in any particular scope (channel/personal), provide a single view of all the artifacts associated with a meeting (documents, agenda, notes, tasks), capture notes in meeting, create tasks in meeting, send interactive polls in meeting, send automated feedback at the end of the meeting, few utilization reports based on meetings you are part of, manage lifecycle of the meetings & teams

How I built it

This is comprised of chat BOT built of node JS, proactive messaging using azure logic app and chat bot, message extension BOT built in .net, SPFx based dashboard tabs, React based tabs for meeting extensibility features, Azure functions and scheduled messages for sending auto feedback messages

Challenges I ran into

Few Graph API's even in GTM had stability issues, meeting extensibility context did not have meeting information that can be correlated with events, including both SPFx and React tabs in a single app due to the SSO approach

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proactive messaging, workarounds for the meeting context issues, usage of task modules for consistent experience everywhere, integration of planner & one note within the lifecycle

What I learned

Technically several things, like all these MS Teams component stack. In addition, also learnt that there can be simple solutions for problems that look big and complex. You just have to look at them in different angle with composed and calm mindset.

What's next for Meeting Assistant

Few more added features like record transcript and auto suggest tasks post meeting etc.

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