We came in this hackathon with no team member all alone. And for us this wasn't the only time were we came lonely and we were forced to scramble to find team members. So we thought lets make an application to end the existence of lonely hackers.

What it does

This application uses speech to text processing to allow you to speak to the application to ask questions about who is available for hacking. And it pairs you up depending on the specifications you describe. By using the IBM conversation API it allows you to give queries to the bot which will allow you to find teammates for your problem. For example a query you may give to meetHack is " I wan to find a backend developer" the project will instantly goes through its database for available hackers who have the best back end skills and will give you the best teammate you can get depending on the information we get from a short survey users on the site are required to take. Then, by a simple click of a button or command it instantly allows you to use Nexmo's messaging service to send a text or call to the person Or you use Pubnub's data streaming network to open a chat network between the two users.

How I built it

We built this application using python flask to create the backend framework and we used bootstrap for the front end . We used google cloud speech to allow us to use speech to text processing with real time processing. We used Nexmo to allow us to instantly send text messages to the user and we used IBM watson for the chat bot. We also used Pubnub to allow easy sending of information between users.

Challenges I ran into

Integration HTML

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

FInishing this

What I learned


What's next for MeetHack

i dont know

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