The need

Other time scheduling websites require you to find matching times between all of the members.

The solution

We created a website that allows you to enter times you are free in an easy fashion and then the site automatically shows you the times that you work for everyone. It does this by using s(ASP) to calculate the times that match between everyone, up to 5 minutes of accuracy.

Problems we had

We started in Python and Django, but had issues hosting this on Amazon Web Services. We switched to Node.JS hosted on Heroku, but we had very little time to get the site running. We were not able to call the s(ASP) directly from the website, but do have the s(ASP) script working correctly.

Future additions

We would finish the website so that it could call the s(ASP) correctly and display the results to the user. There is only about two hours worth of work left to finish the website and it would be working.

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