Fiscally Dangerous, Social Skills Steroids

Ever been tired of failing your plans at self improvement by well-timed laziness by the you of the future? With Meeteor, you hold yourself hostage -- with an app-enforced personal blackmail system that highly incentivises you to train your communication skills with like-minded strangers! Forcing yourself to be a better person has never been easier

  • App donates 5 dollars from your bank account to charity when you don't meet your preset goals
  • Two way rating system that provides feedback as well as feedback for that feedback, to improve twice as fast!
  • Smartly pairs up individuals based on proximity, times available, and topics of interest
  • Great way to pitch your new ideas, improve at introducing yourself to others, and become a more elegant speaker overall


React Native, with server & database on Amazon Web Services

What's next for Meeteor

More donations to charity

find a safe location to meet

improve upon scheduling customizations

Additional reward system

Group event scheduling

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