We where all very excited for McHacks ever since we got accepted. We had our team planned more than a week before the actuall event, we where ready. But the last minute one of our teamates got very sick and couldn't participate. We where stuck, how do we find another member? We eventually found a great member during the oppening ceremonies, but this got us all thinking. Is there a way to ease making teams for hackathons? Would it not be great if there was someone you could just tell to make you a team, and sit back and relax while that someone did it for you?

What it does

MeetBot is a chatbot that helps you create your team for a hackathon. You tell the bot wheather you are a team looking for someone or someone looking for a team, and it asks you several questions on experience, programing lanugages, interests, etc, and matches you with your perfect team. I also send you notifications whenever you match with someone new, and answers all questions you may have, like where are the bathrooms or when can you eat.

How I built it

We bult it by using the Cisco Spark API to create the interface and conect to a python file, then used nuance to answer the questions. We then have a python data base to store the information of each student and help with the matching.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a team rethinking what to do because of the new team, Setting up the Cisco Spark webhook.

Built With

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