Meet new people while competing about who cooks the best food! :D

The idea

Diner Rouler is a food party usually celebrated in the Universities in Deustchland, it basically consists in bringing a surprise meal cooked at your own, and let everybody to taste it! So finally, everybody has eaten lots of diferent meals, meet lots of new people, and, the most important part, they had a great and healthy time! :D

At the end of the event, all the atendees vote for their favourite meals, and choose a winner, so he win reputation and more opportunities to make new friends.

Lots of cultures have parties so similar to the Diner Rouler, for example, in Catalonia, we celebrate "Jo porto" (I bring) parties, because I bring this, you bring that, etc.

So, we developed in Hack The North 2016 at the University of Waterloo (Canada) a mobile app which could easily be the MLH equivalent for Diner Rouler, a mobile app which lets you track all the Diner Rouler parties all over the world and join them, share pictures, chat with other atendees, and even host your own Diner Rouler! :D


  • Event geolocalizated search.
  • Realtime updates.
  • Social Network Feed with fully custom cards.
  • Chat.
  • Photo Sharing.
  • Reputation System based in Stars and Trophies.
  • Exclusive content based in reputation.
  • Voting System.


We've developed this Android app with the help of Firebase, an amazing Backend as a Service by Google, which has allowed us to focus in functionality and not in technology, empowering us to give a nice and smooth interface and service to the users in just 36 hours!


Our app is available at the Google Play Store!


The Hyperledger Project uses the Apache License Version 2.0 software license.

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