No idea what to eat? Nobody to eat with? Feel alone during the pandemic? Try our Meet2Cook, a web application that helps you connect with others through cooking.

So many people are experiencing isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic isolation - eating by ourselves and lack the motivation to cook. We want to bring joy to the community and promotes healthy eating habits. So we made Meet2Cook, a video chat application that help users find cooking partners online and cook together over video communication.

What it does

  • Open the app, select the ingredients that you have
  • Meet2Cook will offer our recommended recipes based on the ingredients you select
  • You "swipe right" on the recipe that you like to cook (and "swipe left" on the one you don't like :)
  • We will connect you with someone online who wants to cook the same recipe
  • You can start a real time video chat to cook together

How we built it

Meet2Cook uses Express.js, React-Redux, and Material-UI. The video communication is realized through the use of WebRTC and Web Socket. We also use a menu generator API provided by

Challenges we ran into

We had to choose between the technologies we want to learn and the one that we are most familiar with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made an application about cooking! We hope to bring joy to all food lovers!

What we learned

It is fun to catch up with the most recent technologies about WebRTC, React, and Redux.

What's next for Meet2Cook

We want to add the audio (text-to-speech) feature for the recipe

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