There's not that many great meeting set up interfaces. Convene takes care of that problem.

What it does

Convene takes in a user's Google Calendar, imports it to the site, and sends it to the creator of the meeting, without having to input any extra settings. When all users have responded to the appointment (aka linked their Google Calendars), the requestor gets to choose options for the best time (depending on attendees' availabilities) and the best location (depending on the attendees' locations, and choosing a centralized location). No more guessing, no more awkward moments. And it's beautiful.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are all beginners, and only one of us has actual experience working on an actual application. Everyone else learned so much CSS, HTML, Javascript, NodeJS, and Flask along the way!

What I learned

To choose a quick framework to learn. To make sure at least one of the team members knows the framework.

What's next for Convene

We'll implement it!

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